Interested in building loans? There is a solution for you!

Representative example If you are applying for a Low Cost Loan: for a loan of $ 3,000,000, monthly installment of $ 60,296, interest rate: fixed, 7.63% pa, APR: 7.90%, maturity: 60 months, total repayment: $ 3,617,760, total cost of the credit (which includes the transaction fee charged): HUF 617,760 (if the consumer does not require […]

Forint foreign currency loans are loan replacement products.

Although only April 2015 is available until the settlement letters on the conversion of foreign currency loans have been received, banks have already offered loans that offer lower installments than forint loans, depending on the customer’s choice. We at Good Finance show you which bank offers the currency redemption products of forint foreign currency loans […]