Questions about online credits that you dare not ask

Asking for money can be embarrassing for some people. Undoubtedly, the loans are online facilitate this situation because you do not have to sit in front of the person you are going to ask for money but At Amie Sadly we work to assist you even in those questions that most embarrass you! Let’s see 4 usual doubts that usually appear when requesting a credit online.


Should I indicate the destination that I am going to give my advancement?

Should I indicate the destination that I am going to give my advancement?

No. We are not going to ask you what the money is for and you are not going to have to present any kind of proof of purchase that you have to justify your personal loan application. You can use the money for the destination you want, from paying a service bill to buying a cell phone.

However, we recommend that before accessing an ADVANCE, think beforehand two things:

  • If you really need the money .
  • If you are able to re-integrate it in the agreed terms. So you avoid getting into debt.


What is the interest in case of default?

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Not paying on time can be worrisome. The operation in Amie Sadly is that we credit the requested funds and, once the collection date has arrived, we owe you the funds directly from your account. So you do not have to go to pay at any window.

Therefore, if for any reason we could not debit the amounts due from your bank account, you will enter into a default due to non-payment. What does this imply? That from the moment of default you are going to add the default interest (equivalent to 50% of the compensatory).

Thus, in addition to the compensatory interest you will have to pay the default interest. It is important that you take this into account, since it implies a greater expenditure Amie Sadly on your part. That is why it is very valuable that you have money in your bank account to meet the fee on the day of its expiration if you do not want to pay more for interest .


Can I require more than one advance at a time?

Can I require more than one advance at a time?

No. Only after canceling the ADELANTO that will be granted to you, you can re-require a new ADELANTO. That way we will make sure you don’t over-borrow. If you meet all the conditions of your personal loan, once you finish paying it, you can take it back. If you want to know more information about it, we recommend you read the following article “Can I require more than one advance at a time?”

If you still have any questions about our services, you can ask us that we will contact you shortly.

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