Why some people do not hire pet insurance

Many owners think that if your pet has not had medical problems for most of his life so far, what are the chances of a serious illness in the near future? However, accidents can occur at any time and insurance often seems not to be essential until such disastrous moments occur, when it could literally be a lifesaver. Pets are unpredictable and can do many things, from running to the road or eating something they are not supposed to do, so it is always better to have a covering in place.

Pets are expensive


Buying pet food, toys and beds can be expensive, which makes many people think twice before adding insurance at the end of that list. However, it is estimated that veterinarians’ bills amount to about 26% of the total costs associated with pets, which could be even higher in case of serious illness. Paying a small amount for insurance each month will be worth it along, which will save you the need to cover a high bill at an unexpected time. Since you are already spending large amounts of pet food and pet grooming, it makes sense to have support when it comes to your pet’s medical bills.

Insurance does not cover everything

Insurance does not cover everything

It is true that some types of pet insurance do not cover all the expenses that could arise when it comes to medical treatment, but this should not be enough to keep you away from insurance completely. If what you need is full coverage, then there are many plans that can give it to you.

Insurance can cover much more than medical bills. If your pet is lost or stolen, you can claim in your insurance plan to receive compensation. This may not be what you want to hear after losing a loved partner, but it can be useful if you are thinking of having another pet in the future.

Search for pet insurance today


At Mr. Moto we like to help you be as smart as possible in terms of finances. If you have a pet and have not yet insured it, it may be time to look for good deals and policies only in case of an unexpected event.

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